Release & Restore – Self Myo-Fascial Release Workshop – Saturday June 8, 2 P.M.


Have a Ball Letting Go of Restriction and Pain  

This Introduction to Self Myofascial Release and Stretching could be the opportunity to alleviate your pain permanently!

The Fascial System is an uninterrupted web of tissue that surrounds your body.   Over time, repetitive movement, lack of movement, injury, trauma & stress tighten fascia, causing pain and restriction.  Releasing restrictions in the fascia could be the missing link to resolving pain and restoring mobility.  Compression, movement, stretching and breathing are all effective ways to change the state of fascia.  Have fun learning how to release yourself of  restriction and enjoy life long skills that continuously restore  mobility & energy.   Optimize your health and wellness.

The intention of self care/release techniques is to the restore the body into a neutral posture so that strengthening efforts are more effective. Students will have a better informed classroom experience, be able to competently create an at-home practice, and understand how this type of work will create proper form within their movement practice(s).

Other Benefits of Myofascial Release & Stretching:

  • Overcome tension and pain
  • Energize your body
  • Rejuvenate and restore body/mind/spirit
  • Improve all of your Systems
  • Increase and reclaim natural mobility
  • Develop the ability to tune in & connect with your body

Class is Saturday June 8, 2 P.M. at Roxborough Community Acupuncture

To register for the workshop, call Emily at 484-472-3626

About the Instructor

Emily Smith has been teaching Pilates for 10 years.  She believes everyday movement is essential for longevity and happiness.  Self Myofascial Release seems to be the missing ingredient in achieving optimal wellness through fitness.  Emily is passionate about helping others reclaim their mobility and is excited to share these simple, fun and effective techniques with you.  Join us for this 90 minute session and walk away feeling like you received a massage, it’s just better because you give it to yourself!

Emily Smith, certified Pilates Instructor



~posture is the outward expression of your internal experience

~The body tells the story

~your body tells your story

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