Liquid Body – myofascial release workshop

Remodeling and rehyrdrating your body

Held occasionally throughout the year.  TBA

We all need to release tension.  Regardless of the season, our muscular and fascial systems need our care in order to flow through life.  Just like the habit of brushing our teeth daily, our tissue needs the practice of diversified daily movement to stay hydrated and healthy.

Hydrating our tissue has less to do about drinking ample water than we’d seem to think.  Fascia is the continuous web of connective tissue that envelops and infuses every cell of our body.  It is the fabric of our biology.  Fascia is formed into microtubules that carry fluid and conduct energy and information, connecting all 70 trillion cells in the body into a 3-D dynamic web of connective tissue.

Dehydration of the fluid components of fascia can exert enormous pressure up to 2,000 lbs. per sq. inch on pain sensitive structures: nerves, blood and lymph vessels, muscles, osseous structures and or organs.  This can cause pain, restriction in the fascia, limit muscle movement and joint mobility.  Dehydrated, solidified tissue inhibits the body’s natural rehydration process.  Tissue can become so solidified that the vessels that carry fluid are not able to flow nutrients and blood in nor out.  Causes of dehydration are compression and friction:  sustained sedentary positions, repetitive movements, physical and psychological trauma, poor posture and inflammation.

So whether you’re working hard, playing hard or relaxing even harder, your tissue needs to be continuously hydrated.

The combination of short sustained periods of compression with a low grade force, heat from touch, friction and energy create health tissue change. As the restrictions release, tissue melts, returning to a more liquid state.  The body’s natural rehydration process is restored.   Massage/bodywork use the combination of touch and pressure from one’s body to affect tissue change in another.  Who receives enough hands on work to maintain a tension free body/mind/spirit?  The gentle pressure created by compressing on foam rollers or balls remodels and rehydrates tissue too!  You can do it yourself! Everyday!

Join us for an in-depth workshop to learn to  Rehydrate your Muscles & Fascia 

liquidBody – Fusion of Self Myofascial Release & Stretching & Therapeutic Self Massage

Instructor Emily Smith be reviewing and expanding on techniques. You will learn:

  • the art and science of body rolling on foam rollers and balls
  • movement that will change your energy
  • self myofascial release and stretching
  • autonomous self care practice

When: TBA

Where: Roxborough Community Acupuncture – 445 Lyceum Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128

What to bring: Curiosity, yoga mat, bolster & $40 cash/check

Instructor: Licensed Massage Therapist & Pilates Teacher Emily Smith

Call Emily at 484-472-3626 to reserve your spot!



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