Massage Therapy in Philadelphia

At Manayunk Roxborough Community Acupuncture we have expanded the therapeutic services offered by adding on massage!  

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 First time clients receive 20% off  their first massage!

 Acupuncture patients receive 20% off  all massage sessions!


RATES:          HOURS:

60 minutes – $90                  Tuesday and Thursday 11-1
90 minutes – $115                  by appointment only

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Types of Massage

Swedish Massage
This is the most common type of massage. If it’s your first time getting a massage, this is the one to start with. It is lighter than most massages and is meant for relaxation.

Sports Massage 
Sports massage is an aggressive massage meant to work out deep muscles. It also incorporates stretching to help the athlete return to their sports activity with the same level of function or better.

Pregnancy Massage 
This is a massage tailored for mothers-to-be. It is usually performed with the client lying on their side. It helps to improve the flow of blood, relieves fatigue and strain on joints and muscles, relieves edema (swelling), increases oxygen flow to the blood, helps relieve anxiety and depression and also helps improve sleep and raises levels of endorphins. It is not recommended for a mother-to-be to receive a massage during their first trimester.

Cupping is an ancient technique using soft to hard cups that help stimulate blood flow. It is good for soft and deep tissue massage. If the cup is placed on a particular spot on the body, the skin will turn a dark color drawing out toxins from the muscle. This type of massage may leave small marks on the skin that may last anywhere from a day to a couple weeks.

This type of massage focuses on a problematic area. This is best used for old or new injuries due to trauma to the muscles in the body. His technique is often used in chiropractic offices and is typically about a half hour long.

Myofascial Release
The myofascial layer is what wraps and connects muscles in the body. When someone injures themselves, the healing process can often lead to spasms and other tissue traumas. The myofascial release method is a slower paced Massage that allows the therapist to “melt” through the superficial layer and get through to the deeper muscle layer. This can boost the muscle tissue’s ability to lengthen when stretched.

Trigger Point
Trigger point therapy goes to the source of the pain. This technique is used when someone has pain in a specific spot. Trigger point therapy releases muscle knots (also referred to as trigger points) that cause someone to feel pain. Due to the purpose of the therapy, it can be somewhat painful, but the long lasting results of the method help most to look passed the pain.

Massage Therapy in Philadelphia – Manayunk, now at MRCA!  


To schedule a massage click here


To schedule a massage click here

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