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Roxborough Community AcupuncturePatients are scheduled every 15 minutes. This is plenty of time to gather the information needed to make a diagnosis and craft an acupuncture treatment. Most U.S. acupuncturists treat patients on tables in individual cubicles. This is not traditional in Asia, where acupuncture usually occurs in a community setting. In our clinic, we use big, soft, comfy recliners, clustered in groups in several, quiet, soothing rooms. Gentle music plays in the background.

Once the needles are in place, patients generally relax, listen to music, and sometimes fall asleep.  In our practice, we check in on patients as we come in and out of the rooms, monitor their Chinese pulses (unless they are asleep!), and wait for signs from THEM (not the clock) that let us know that their treatment is complete.  In the usual U.S. acupuncture clinic, when your hour is up, it’s up, and the needles have to come out.  Some people really don’t like it when their treatment is interrupted before they feel complete.  In our practice, we wait until the treatment has completely cycled through before the treatment is stopped.  This allows the patient to experience a more satisfying, complete, treatment.  And results in better outcomes.

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The "S" Bridge over the Schuylkill River at Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA, built in 1884.