The Injured Athlete

This post is written by my friend, teammate, and patient Mark Featherman.  Mark is an attorney and Master’s racer.  Thanks, Mark! Mel Brooks once defined tragedy and comedy as, “If I get a paper cut, that’s tragedy. If you fall down…

Heart attack, panic attack, or?

by David Schiman, Acupuncturist Trying to understand the cause of chest symptoms can be a frustrating undertaking.  Trying to understand if it is a heart attack, a panic attack, ulcers, ribs, or other health concerns can be very less straight…

Check out the articles in the Patch!

Every week in the Roxborough/Manayunk Patch, local resident, writer, healer, and counselor Carol Haslam, is posting an article about healing modalities available to us here in the area.  This series comes as a follow up to the March In To…


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