12026502_10153594173318686_1848971882_nHolly Prescott, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.  Holly received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture Studies from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Glenside, PA, graduating with distinction as valedictorian of her graduating class.  She has training in multiple styles of acupuncture, including TCM, Worsley five element, sports medicine acupuncture and trigger point therapy.  As an acupuncturist, Holly is passionate about Chinese Medicine and is currently continuing her studies in the Chinese Herbal Program at Won Institute. Trained in multiple styles of acupuncture, Holly enjoys helping others with all aspects of their health and wellness, with particular specialty with acute and chronic pain, women’s health, stress, anxiety and depression. 

Always interested in science and medicine, Holly completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.  After graduation, she spent several years researching oncogenes in a laboratory at Crozer Chester Medical Center and has had her results published in multiple journals.  Holly was introduced to Oriental Medicine through her study of martial arts.  She became fascinated with this medicine and its ability to treat the whole person- body, mind, and spirit- and began to study qigong and other healing modalities. She went to acupuncture school with a desire to help heal the world, one patient at a time.

When Holly is not treating patients or studying Chinese Medicine, she is an avid martial artist, roller skater, and harpist.


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