Alyssa is a licensed and insured massage therapist in the state of Pennsylvania. Her coursework and hands-on training were completed in 2018 at The Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork. She is also certified to practice Reiki energy healing by completing a course of study at The Reiki School in Philadelphia in 2021.
As a massage therapist, Alyssa approaches her practice with an understanding of how the body moves, how the brain processes pain and how both together can create dysfunctional patterns and habits. She uses a series of modalities to treat discomfort at the site and at the source. She is a careful listener and seeks to meet each patient where they are on their journey towards ease and comfortability.
As a Reiki practitioner, Alyssa is an intuitive healer. She believes that the channeling of our universal energy towards another person with the intention of love and healing is something that we all require and will benefit from. It can improve your mood, improve your sleep, answer questions, bring you peace, help you meditate and restore balance in your mind, body and spirit. Reki is an ancient practice, often misunderstood and shoved aside. It is Alyssa’s sincere hope that if this practice calls to you in any way that you follow your intuition and give it a try!
Away from work Alyssa has a wonderful daughter attending William Penn Charter. They both enjoy being out in nature and at the beach. Alyssa likes to stay active at the gym, spend time with friends at her new home, work on sewing projects and try new recipes.