Manayunk Roxborough Community Acupuncture is an acupuncture clinic in Roxborough, Philadelphia. Started in 2008 in Roxborough, we provide acupuncture in a comfortable, semi-private setting. Each patient gets time to talk about concerns privately and then receives treatment in a calming semi-private space. Gentle music plays in the background. Most people lie back and fall asleep, or drift into a calm, peaceful mental state.

Our sliding scale is $30 – $55. Why a sliding scale? And, why  such a low cost? Well, because it allows you to spend what you can truly afford, instead of having to sacrifice your well being for the sake of other priorities in life. It also allows more people to come for treatment, and to come more often…so that you get the true benefit of acupuncture…which is getting, and staying, well.

We provide treatment for:
Back Pain • Joint Pain Quit Smoking Chronic Pain  Allergies • Asthma • Infertility Acid Reflux Depression Anxiety Stress Insomnia Addiction PMS Menopause Hot Flashes Migraines Back Pain Immunity Sinusitis Sciatica Neck Pain Lung Issues Post Op Pain Athletic Performance  Sports Injuries Stroke Chemo Support Mesothelioma And Much, Much More!

Athletes: we are experienced in treating athletes to support optimal performance, reduced recovery times, and recovery from injuries.

We Carry CBD Oil!  Read all about the healing properties of CBD oil here