Thank you so much for checking in. I had an amazing experience there. When I first arrived I could hardly stand up straight and was in excruciating pain. My back instantly felt better after Jess worked on me but was still a little sore. The next day was even better and now I have no pain. Jess called me to follow up and we scheduled another visit. I highly recommend her and this practice. This was my first time having acupuncture and I loved it.

Thanks for checking in!
Roxy DeSandies


Hi, Dave!  I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for last week!  My neck is almost better and it is such a relief!  Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your care.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for reaching out to me.  I loved both of my sessions so far with you and Holly.  My headache was gone when I left the office and has not returned.  My stress level seems to be under a lot more control. I don’t feel angry which feels amazing!
I look forward to coming back in on Monday and continuing my sessions.
Thanks for everything!


Hello Dave-Hope all is well with you and your family and staff. I haven’t forgotten you and I want to say Thank You for the fine treatment.  I am doing about 97% better than when I met you in September of 2016. I can reach up and behind me without all the pain I had been having and I have been recommending you to everyone I know and meet. I will be in touch with any future ailments.  (the gua sha and the needle in the toe was the breakthrough) Take care!

Thank you
Barbara Marriott

My therapeutic massage/bodywork session with Kelly was terrific. Because she has years of experience working with chiropractors, she was able to focus on problem spots and muscle imbalance. I’ve had bodywork with several different practitioners over the years, and Kelly’s work was some of the best I’ve ever experienced. And, her rates are reasonable.

Mary,  Age 63

Hello Dave,

The treatment was great.  More relaxing than any spa/massage I have been to and have recommended it to a few colleagues at work.
I was very zen for the rest of the day and feel less stressed since.  I have noticed a wider range of motion in my neck and less tension in my lower back.
You mentioned I may have emotional dreams – well Monday night in my sleep I was dreaming I was playing football and knocked the water glass off of my nightstand as I was reaching to catch a pass in my dream.  Not quite an “emotional” dream, but I never do anything like that in my sleep so I must have been very relaxed.
Thanks again.
Best regards,
Anthony J. Boxler


Manayunk Roxborough Community Acupuncture owner David Schiman, his associates and staff are very kind, super knowledgeable and experienced in understanding and treating pain symptoms. They really care, take the time to listen and understand why you are seeking acupuncture. I had twisted my back while moving some furniture in mid-October and two days later was aching with back pain. My lower spine had this dull ache 24/7. With normal activities of daily living, without warning, I had awful, unbearable burning sensations in my groin area when I bent over – it took twenty minutes of deep breathing to recover after trying to put my socks on. Horrible. Hard to even think clearly kind of pain… which led to compensatory kinds of movements to avoid the burning sensation. That combination just left me exhausted and functioning at a low level of activity. Not good. From my knee to the top of my thigh, my thigh was completely numb. Couldn’t sleep at night and had muscle spasms. Really bad. If you read online, you learn these symptoms are usually a result of nerve pain (from an impact). I had previously learned that acupuncture can alleviate pinched nerve / nerve pain and am really very grateful for the twice a week treatments I have been receiving. Manayunk Roxborough Community Acupuncture offers a sliding scale payment option, which helps when you’re unable to work due to severe pain. I found after three weeks of treatments, I started to feel relief and finally after over two months since my injury, I am able to live a full life again… and get a good night’s sleep! It’s a leap of faith trying this ancient form of treatment but there is definitely high science involved. Dave and Holly answered all of my questions and in addition to the needles ( not too bad compared to severe back pain) made cupping recommendations, too. Hey, if it works for Michael Phelps, why not try it? It is all working for me. Feeling much better, almost back to normal and enjoying the holidays! Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks, Dave, Kevin and Holly!!

Theresa H.


Thanks for checking in with me. I am upset that I waited so long to try acupuncture!!! Yesterday’s treatment was AMAZING!!! I felt so peaceful and calm when I left and pretty much felt like there was just no stress, carefree and I haven’t felt that in a very long time. I felt refreshed this morning and slept through the night. I have already scheduled my next appointment for this coming Thursday. So I’ll see you then. Have a great week!!!



Brittany is the best. Very professional, polite and knowledgeable. Most importantly she is truly committed to helping the patient.


Holly, this evening you administered my first acupuncture treatment ever.

I had a pretty rough pain day today.
Instead of just my left knee, both knees have been painful for the past 2 weeks….in fact, the right knee became even more painful than the left!
It has been hard to sleep due to knee discomfort. I have been miserable.

After the treatment, when we arrived home in the car, I was starting to walk to the house when it occurred to me that I was able to get out of the car normally, without pain. At the same time I realized I was walking normally!
The big test was sitting down for dinner and then trying to stand up after sitting…that has been the hardest activity of all for me.
For the first time in months I stood right up after sitting, with no pain or stiffness!

I don’t know how long this will last but I have to say this is not my imagination.
While I laid in the chair with the needles in my feet, legs, knees, hands and ears I prayed, asking the Lord to enable me to receive the healing I needed. Then, I willingly received it.

Thank you Holly. I wanted you to know this happened to me today.

See you next Tuesday!

Carol T

Thanks for asking!
Congestion is significantly improved. I can breathe out of both nostrils!
My knee is free of pain today.
Thank you!


Hi Dave,
Monday’s marathon was great and pain free! I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t even feel my legs at all during the race! They got tired but no pain. My legs feel great now also just a bit sore which is to be expected. My one complaint is my right heel where my Achilles is attached feels super tight along with the calf. Left side feels perfect. Hamstrings and hips feel great on both sides which I’m amazed at! Thanks again so much! I’m going to make an appt for next week to help with some of this recovery.
P.S.  I found out right before the marathon that I’m pregnant, too!
Liz Tily


Hi Holly,
I can honestly say, that that was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have never felt so relaxed before in my life. I have absolutely no neck pain today and it is amazing. I was not expecting such a drastic difference so soon. My upper back pain and tightness was not present all night last night. This morning there is a slight tightness, but nothing even close to what it was. I am actually so impressed that I am going to make an appointment for this Saturday and bring my Fiance and my mom. My step-daughter is also interested in coming at some point in the near future as well! This has been a profound change in my life, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me!
Thank you so much!

Heather E. McAndrews


I’ve been going to the Roxborough-Manayunk Community Acupuncture Clinic for a year, though I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments for about 5 years now.  I used to work at the Community Acupuncture Clinic in West Philly before I moved, so I was familiar with the whole set up, which is essentially totally affordable and highly effective (if you find the right practitioner).

I was referred to David Schiman by a friend who had success working with him treating a bad shoulder injury.  I have had many sessions with David over the course of the year, and almost every session has had tremendous positive and lasting effects on whatever I bring to him.  They recently moved into a new space on Main St. in Manyunk, which is more modern and spacious.  He also has private and semi-private rooms available for more in-depth work, such as accessing acupuncture points on the back body, Gua-sha, or Tsu-na treatments.

In my opinion, what makes for great acupuncture is a combination of the following:

-the space and comfort provided (how accommodating they are, how you are received, cleanliness, noise level etc.)

-the respect and privacy offered in being able to convey the issues at hand

-the attention and compassion offered throughout your treatment (I struggle with relinquishing control to acupuncturists who leave you hanging too long with lots of needles in, while they busily scurry around from patient to patient.  An acupuncturist in Philadelphia once left me with a heat lamp to close to my belly which ended up burning my skin pretty badly – I had to shout to get her to come back in because she couldn’t hear me)

-the overall effect of the treatment, during, immediately after, and within a few days following the treatment

-the sensation of the needles going in (I know when I feel a zing, chi is definitely moving)

-the cost of the treatment

Hands-down, David is the best acupuncturist I have found in the Philadelphia area, after trying a few different practitioners.  He always knows exactly what to do, and almost every single point is felt immediately upon insertion.  He takes the time to map them out, and is very thorough, and generous with his attention and time, actually listening to me, and always going above and beyond, to make sure I am warm, comfortable, out on time etc.

When I lived in Brussels, and when I go back to visit my family, I sought and continue to seek treatment by this Vietnamese “master” acupuncturist who studied in Vietnam, China, Japan, and Paris, and is also an MD.  I thought he was the best acupuncturist and that I would never find anyone like him.  I never expected to find anyone like him in Philadelphia, of all places.  And then I met David, and I am so grateful we have him here.

Stephanie Rodigas


It went well! I ran one of my better marathons on Saturday and I would love to come back in. But I am back in Iowa for now. I am considering moving out there and only wish I could have done two appointments. Today’s training miles were some of my best in months. I plan to be back in July and will try to plan an appointment then.

Please feel free to quote me! As a matter of fact I ran a 3:05 this week but I could feel that hamstring again and I only wished I could get one more treatment in before it. I am sure I would have PR’d with it.

Cade Remsburg

Just an update, Dave: My knee is feeling MUCH better since acupuncture!
It’s actually pretty incredible. I’d say I’m 75 percent better than before acupuncture. Of course, I’m holding my breath, but I taught yoga tonight with hardly any problem at all. It’s amazing me!

Theresa Conroy, Owner and yoga instructor, Yoga on Ridge


My brother words can’t express how much you have helped me in these couple weeks…you are a gift to whom ever has the pleasure of being in your healing presence….I’m in St Croix at the moment ..but will be home next week to continue my healing…again you are truly a gift.


Whatever you did last night was like magic!  Seriously!  It’s not 100% but the pain lessened significantly.  Thank you so much!


Dear Dave,
T H A N K  Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I slept. I walked. I drove. I packed. I boarded a train. I’m about to get on a plane. I went up and down MANY steps today… And it was all pain free. Yesterday I almost went to the ER. I thank you. My knee thanks you.
Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Warmest regards,
Anne M.


I went to 3 sessions a few weeks ago trying to induce labor…my last appt was on tuesday June 9th in the evening. I am happy to report that a few hours later, at 1am my water broke.  My daughter was born at 1:31pm!

Thanks again :), Melissa R.


Hi Dave! I slept till noon on sat and woke up feeling rested for the first time in awhile. And, no cold anymore as of today. It never got to the runny nose etc. I was able to enjoy my weekend. Can’t thank you enough.



I wrote this as my status update this morning, thanks for checking in! Looking forward to Wednesdays treatment:

I am now a full on believer of acupuncture! Long story short, this past weekend I had some excruciating pain in my lower back. Couldn’t get out of bed at night, had to wait till the morning to try again, dont know how I made it through my shift the next day, and could hardly manage to put my shoes on. I went to the Manayunk Community Acupuncture center and was treated for an hour and a half. After he took the needles out the entire room was spinning – it was wild, like I had just had 15 shots of whisky. Went about my day, and woke up today 90% pain free! I’ve gotten acu before but more as a preventative measure not to cure an acute pain. Now I can truly say its legit.

Do yourself a favor next time you’re hurting or just in general:
4001 Main Street Manayunk PA 3rd Floor
(267) 417-0147
Ask for David

Another option is to swallow a bunch of pills that hardly work and might make you sick in other ways.

Tim W.


After winning the World Championships on the Track in 2011, my body was beat from all of the training. I was struggling to get back on the bike without feeling a nagging injury here and there. I contacted Dave Schiman for an acupuncture consultation. His techniques got me balanced in just a few sessions. I highly recommend athletes especially, to schedule a consult with Dave and his team.

– Joe Wentzell  – 2011  World Champion – UCI Track Cycling Masters
Owner of Breakaway Bikes


You have created a special place at RCA. Both you and Melissa are so grounded, caring, and genuine. Its clear that each of you makes the choice to share your gifts and talents each day, and I can’t stress how much I appreciate that. I found that I elevated my own work after just two sessions at RCA. It’s also been a real gift to me that I am finally thawing some emotional blockages that were frozen long, long ago. For whatever reason, you guys have helped facilitate that in a most eloquent way and are giving me the opportunity to learn how to receive. I also like the community setting- so much. For me, it may be a ‘safety in numbers’ thing, but there is also something so profound in the group consciousness, which, obviously, you get.

So, again- I am most grateful.

I wish you and your families a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving 🙂

Warmest regards,


Hi, Dave,

I just wanted to take a moment and write since I haven’t been to see you for awhile.  We got swept up in the final weeks before we moved, and I started my new job last week.  A lot of change, but definitely for the better.
Anyway, at some point in all of this transition I realized that my brain chemistry was back to normal.  I still have bad days, obviously, but the tenor of them is not so debilitating anymore. It’s like, “Oh, wait.  This is an ordinary response to a stressful situation–it doesn’t mean I’m sliding.  Alright!”  And of course, there have been many good days.
So I wanted to send my thanks for helping me do that without having to resort to medication.  I hope that your new office in Manayunk has also been a good change for you, now that you’re on the other side of that.  I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m in need of your services!

Sarah S.

To say that Dave is a great acupuncturist is a huge understatement. He’s incredible! When I came to see Dave about seven months ago, I had a laundry list of chronic issues that I was very skeptical he would be able to help me with. I had been to see one acupuncturist before that without positive results. I figured if he could help me with even one of my issues I’d be happy. Instead I experienced huge results and had tons of relief with everything from allergies and sinus issues, stress and anxiety and chronic sciatica/hip issues. If you’ve been searching for relief and help look no further.

Clare E.


Hi David,

I was so sad today when my shoulder pain became unbearable and I looked over your schedule, only to find our schedules incompatible for an entire week!  So, to my dismay 😉 I scheduled with Melissa for this evening. Well, she was amazing! From her needling and gua sha technique, to her bedside manor. I was so impressed, I wanted to share my experience with you!  Thanks for adding such an awesome practitioner to your clinic! Hope you’re well and that we see one another soon!

Xo, Rach


Hi David!!

I don’t know what you did to me yesterday, but I feel so amazing today! Thank you so so so much. I’m sure you hear this all the time… but I wanted you to know that your time you give to people doing what you do significantly impacts their lives. I am so grateful!

Have a great day,


Hi Dave,

I have been out of touch for a little while and wanted to send you a quick update. You had treated me over the winter for recurrent miscarriages and anxiety surrounding them. I am happy to say that I am still pregnant at 18 weeks and everything is going very well so far. I really believe that the acupuncture helped restore something that was missing and has allowed this pregnancy to be successful.

I hope that you have been doing well!
Take care,


It’s like i have a new pair of shoulders …. Hey Dave, just wanted to thank you again for the treatment and let you know that I haven’t had such knot-free shoulders in 10 years.  I keep on doing yoga to stretch out my shoulders and not finding much tightness to work out.  I also loosened up my middle back as well.  Anyway, now I just gotta try to maintain it.

Lucy Herschel



I just wanted to let you know that today I was able to go out and shovel my driveway. What a difference. Now I am tired but I am able to stay warm:).

Meg Keegan


Dave is the only person who saved me from horrible allergies and sinus infections, after years of doctors and medication, who knew all it took was a few needles? He is very intuitive and skilled at what he does, he also imparts knowledge on his patients that they can then take with them and live better, healthier lives. Wonderful man!

Kristen Capati


Dave took a lot of time to listen to me and help craft a course of treatment. I went from severe pain and crutches to no pain and walking in 2 weeks! Great service, friendly and caring!

Brian Parker


I am so impressed with Rox. Community Acupuncture. I’ve had appointments with both Dave and Melissa and can say that both are not only highly skilled but seem to genuinely care for their clients. They are generous both with time and service, and the sliding scale makes something like acupuncture affordable for those who would otherwise not be able to receive treatment. It is most certainly a place of healing & I look forward to continuing there.

Virginia Carr


Going for Acupuncture at Roxborough Community Acupuncture is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself and my family. I have finally found relief from my chronic pain and my general outlook and demeanor has all changed for the better. David and his staff have only one goal in mind–to make you feel good and keep you feeling that way. I am a much better person since meeting Mr. Schiman. If you won’t take my word, please ask my husband.

JoMarie Apelt, Phiadelphia, PA


Acupuncture treatment with David Schiman has quite frankly changed my whole life.  I struggled for years with depression, anxiety, medications – you name it.  Not only did his treatment help me break free from the emotional morass, it also helped me become healthier overall in body, mind and spirit.  After a few weeks of treatment I began to feel like my old self again…the way I hadn’t felt in years, like the old me who was fun and optimistic and sarcastic.  I never thought I’d see that person again!  I still go in for “check ups” and feel grateful that this resource is available to me.  This positive change in my well being has had profound effects in my life and family.  And I’m proud to announce that I will be having baby #2 next spring, secure in knowing that with treatment, I won’t have to be a prisoner to post-partum depression again.  I can never thank Dave and his fellow practitioners enough.

Sandy from Roxborough


“David, I started menstruating today FULL force for the 1st time in 6 months! I had to tell you. I don’t know what how or why but thank you!

Amy D from Philadelphia, PA


Thanks- the treatment was excellent and the availability of treatment on a Saturday afternoon and also on Sundays is wonderful.
Thank you, Diane


David is a great acupuncturist and I gladly recommend him to family, friends and co-workers. He was especially helpful for athletic training and surgery recovery.”

Julia Lee  – 11/28/2012


Skillful, knowledgeable and caring.

Meghan Keegan – 10/19/2012


David was very helpful to me and very sensitive about whatever was going on with me.

Gillian Bedford  – 10/18/2012


I know David through the cycling world. He is a very knowledgeable athlete, which I’m sure provides a great prospective to clients and their needs.

Kristian Sekse  – 10/30/2012


Acupuncture with Dave made a huge difference for my allergies and sinus infections. Also it feels great! I was afraid to do it until I met Dave. I love acupuncture!
Thanks, Dave

Tom Gartner  – 11/08/2012


I have been seeing Dave Schiman for several years , as a client suffering from a chronic debilitating illness. His care has been the key to not only alleviating the intensity of suffering but adding quality to my life. Dave is an excellent acupuncturist and an even better person. He is open , knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. I recommend him highly and without reservation no matter what your condition or concern may be.

Maureen Hannigan  – 12/13/2013


You and Melissa are answered prayers for many. Thank you for providing such an awesome service, and for allowing me to be apart of a wellness community.



After complaining to a co-worker about poor sleeping habits and lower back pain, he recommended Roxborough Community Acupuncture.  Just the word “acupuncture” scared me and caused hesitation since I did not believe in the widely practiced therapy.  I finally made an appointment and met with Melissa, my Acupuncturist, and she immediately put me at ease by explaining everything involved.  After the first couple of treatments, I noticed a positive change in my sleeping habits.  I later visited Melissa for back problems and left the office feeling like a new man.  I’ve discovered an alternative solution to modern medical problems!  I am extremely grateful to Melissa and Roxborough Community Acupuncture for treating my ailments.

Allen Dutton


I have had amazing relief since last Monday’s treatment (a little sore in a.m. but it leaves me as quick as it came.  On the questionnaire, I indicated that I would like not to be reminded that I have a back problem for at least one day. Well, tomorrow will be day 3.

I have an appointment on Friday and I know you will not be there.  I have an appointment on Monday and didn’t want to wait until then to tell you.

Enjoy your trip.

I can’t thank you enough.
Nancy Joseph


This message is to thank Dave for the referral to Dr Wittles. I have been sick for quite some time and seeked acupuncture for some relief in my discomfort. I’ve been to a ton of doctors and spent so much money with no answers and stood facing that same brick wall in front of me. Dave listened. And strongly recommended the referral to this doctor. I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and for listening to me and knowing where to send me. I’ve been searching for answers and she is great. I have chronic Lyme disease with coinfections and although I’m devastated with the reality I’m relieved to have an answer and I owe that thanks to you. So thank you.

Letitia V, Philadelphia


Dave – Just wanted to thank you for a great treatment last night. My throat feels 100% better. The other person who was feeling sick at work yesterday ended up staying home today. It really helped!
Have a great weekend.
Thank you,


My head, neck & back have ALL been excellent.  You really did fix them all.  I have not even had to go back to physical therapy for my back.  I will definitely be back to see you.

Macie Schlernitzauer



My knee feels fantastic. There is only one spot with a hint of pain and I am going to draw a permanent marker spot on it so I can clearly tell you next week.

Megan T.


Hi Dave,

I just wanted you to know that my back feels really good this morning—none of the tightness I usually feel.  My back is back to normal—not even a whisper of the trouble I had earlier.   Thank you so much for your care, time, expertise and  thoughtfulness.



David Schiman was the first medical practitioner I’ve had who gave me hope that I can get better. Five years ago, I lost my ability to write because of debilitating repetitive stress injuries in my arms, back, and neck. I shuffled from doctor to specialist, drugs to physical therapy, orthopedist to neurosurgeon. All doctors were blandly sympathetic, all tests infuriatingly negative, and nothing prescribed ever did more than take the edge off a pain that left me unable to use a computer or write by hand for more than a few minutes. I was told my pain was “permanent”– or, perhaps, not real.

When I first walked in to David’s office, I had told my story in vain to so many doctors that I no longer expected anyone, myself included, to understand my problem. Certainly, I was skeptical that 15 minutes of bizarre needlework, in a community setting no less, would be enough time to diagnose, much less treat, my condition. I was right. After four or five sessions, I had had no relief, no improvement, no satisfactory diagnosis.

But there was something about the way the other patients relaxed in their chairs, laid out belly-up in a posture of complete trust.  There was the way he walked about the room, whispering kindly to the wakeful.  And there was the way that he leaned over his clipboard as I talked about my pain, with the curious look of a man who cared enough to work out a solution.

I let my hopes rise just enough to let David know, crankily, that his treatments didn’t work. With empathy, he listened, asked more questions, scribbled on that clipboard, paused to consider options, and then tried something else. To my great surprise, the treatments began to work.  It started out slowly, palliatively.  And David’s methods still seem bizarre to me (fire-cupping and ion pumps? You must be joking).  And yet, whatever he’s doing to my chi, unblocking the meridians or what have you, is without question the first effective form of treatment I’ve ever had.  And it all began with the establishment of trust.

So here I am, writing again.  My pain was real–but no longer so permanent.

Sarah Spath, Roxborough


Just wanted to let you know that the last treatment worked well; not right there and then, but the next day the “rebar” stiffness in my neck was gone.



You totally fixed my migraine!!!  Thanks sooooo much.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Just a note to let you know.  Tracy feels good this morning, you miracle worker. She is working out at 9:00 this morning and said she will call you to let you know how the workout was on her back.

Thanks Dave for the short notice on the appointment.
Mark Gallagher


Hello David,

Hope you are doing well. I’ve been wanting to write to you for sometime, to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, l would of never went to the Doctors to get my liver checked. When l saw you last, l knew l had Hepatitis, but that’s about all. Since then, i’ve been to Duke & found out that i’ve got chronic Hep. C type 1. i’ve had it for about 30 yrs.! Anyway, i’ve made some big changes in my life. No more alcohol for me. Not an easy task, but i’m doing it. l loved my wine, but i’d rather not get cirrhosis of the liver. That’s where l was headed’ & would of probably been there if not for you. ln a way, l feel like you’ve saved my life. l could never thank you enough!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Next time I’m up your way, I’m gonna come to see you. I can’t find a good acupuncturist here. It sucks! Ok, that’s all. Hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Jo


I appreciate your help and I will definitely be back for acupuncture. It has consistently given me relief. thanks for caring.



Thanks for checking on me David…I drove back to Florida 2 days ago and experienced none of the discomfort I had before I came to see you. I believe the treatment helped. Happy New Year!



SUCCESS!  My nerves settled down, I got my Lyrica, and got a good night’s sleep. It was a good day. Thanks for your brilliant work!



Hi David.  I don’t know what you did differently yesterday, but the tingling in my leg was a whole lot better last night!  Just wanted to tell you!



My neck felt as though something released yesterday. I meant to tell you that before I left. During the session, I felt like my shoulders just dropped 4 inches down and my neck got longer. Amazing. Still a little pain but better!

Thank you!


Hi Dave,

My neck feels great.  It’s pretty much back to normal.  Thank you so much for your help!



Hi Dave,

The knee felt good on the ride yesterday.  I stood up on some climbs, and it didn’t bother me. During yoga yesterday, while I felt the knee early in the practice, as my left hip opened up, the knee seemed to calm down.  Even this morning, it’s still feeling all right- not completely, but definitely better.  We’re on the right track!

Thanks so much Dave-


Amy Kokoles …. “my is back not hurting for the first time in my life”

Jean Clinton …. “My back is a million times better than a year ago when I first came in”

John Shimkus … “You helped my mom, Karen.  She came twice and hasn’t had the back pain since.  She say’s you’re a miracle worker!”

Andrew Capizzi … “My back pain is much better, coming and going now, instead of always being there.”


Dear Dr. David Miracle Worker;

Thanks to you, I had my first night without significant pain! I am also walking much better. My lower back hurts more than usual, but I believe that’s my body telling me the origination of the real pain. (We can work on that later.) The severe leg & hip pain masked the back pain, at least that’s what I believe? I am not pain free, but so much better it’s unbelievable!

Thank you so much… I am so grateful.



It’s been 2 ½ months of starting treatments, and today February 3, 2009, I confirmed with my GYN that my periods are regular – once every 28 days, much less painful and heavy. I am also much calmer and approach challenges in my life from a place more centered. I can only point to acupuncture as the major reason for my improved menstrual health and overall well-being.  David, David, David—I cannot leave out David. From day one, I have felt nothing but comfortable with him and my trust in his knowledge has only grown following each treatment. No pressure from David, only pure enjoyment from treatments I look forward to as they totally relax me and make me feel wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks David, I am incredibly grateful to you for all your help.

Tara from King of Prussia, PA



You’re a genius!  I had a stupendous toe curling orgasm Saturday night. Is it possible the treatment could have worked that quickly?!!

Philadelphia area patient (name withheld for obvious reasons)


Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I’m happy to report that I did not have any spotting from the time I left your practice until later this morning.  Even so, I am pleased with the result as the amount of spotting has decreased significantly.  I did not take the additional hormone that my GYN prescribed and would like to see what happens from now on.

Thanks again,
Liza D


Hi Dave!

Thanks for the help with the moxa technique for flipping the breech baby.  I’ve been meaning to call and let you know that they were able to turn the baby last Tues!  We’re still patiently waiting for her arrival. :). My doctor said it was the easiest version she’s ever seen. One try and she was flipped! I gave my doctor your name.

Thanks for all your help!


Hi David,

I may have made another connection. For only the 1st or 2nd time ever I didn’t need to take any pain medication for the deadly monthly cramps I  usually get–is that a byproduct of my treatments?  Normally I need to take 800 mg. of vitamin I (Ibuprofen)–none was needed!



Thanks for treatment Thursday. It was awesome.  I felt so much more relaxed after and had one of the best nights sleep of my life!

Hope you have a nice weekend!


“My husband and I sought out David as an acupuncturist at a time when we were both experiencing extraordinary stress in our lives. Through regular visits, David’s counseling and expert knowledge of acupuncture helped us to heal in both body and spirit. Speaking for myself, he was very patient, warm, and at the same time, very professional. He has a gift that seems very intuitive and natural. Since he has moved from our area, we miss him very much. But he has always offered to make himself available should we need him. Our time with him was extraordinary.”

Pat Hendrickson, Rehoboth Beach, DE


I wanted to share that I found the building where you treat patients to have incredibly good, warm, positive healing energy – -a fantastic and inviting place for your important work!

Best wishes, Erin Owen, MBA, CHC, RYT


Hi David,

Thanks for being a great friend and a healer. I often find myself falling into deep gratitude when I have acupuncture. The energy creates such a powerful state that I often feel myself crying because the feeling is one that makes me we want to shout out to you and so many of the people who have been part of my life.

Not only thank you from me but all the others that want to shout out to you but stay quiet.

You make a difference!  Shine on,



THANK you, for caring for my dear Drew.

I really believe in your healing and intuitive work, and will always do my best to help it expand..

BTW, thank you for making me feel better today emotionally and physically!

Your a sage…



Hi, Dave,

Magic. . .absolutely magic.  Thank you.  On a physical level, was so good to feel my body grounding and more balanced.  And, re the turbulent emotions I’ve been fighting to keep in check, your work found those aspects in a softer place, just as deep, though more like deep warm water, not murky mire.

Thanks.  Truly did not realize how much I missed it.

xo Nellie


Thanks Dave!! I really do think your treatments are changing my life! I’m actually starting to feel like my old self again….or maybe I should say my NEW self! Ha. Thank you!!!!



My “incurable” eye condition has gone away after coming for three months, and that’s not why I came originally.  I originally came for back pain and that’s gone.  And my palpitations are much less frequent now.



….and you can thank me by coming home and “poking” Rick again — honestly, I’ve never seen him so happy and relaxed as when he comes home from an acupuncture session … and acupuncture + massage just puts him in a total zen state!!! I’ve never seen anything like it! Can you just send him home looking like a pincushion, so he can feel like this 24/???  It’s truly amazing!



HI Dave,

Thanks for a great session yesterday- I felt fantastic afterwards!  I had so much more energy than normal that people commented how extra “cheery” I was!  You have to love that feedback!!

Thanks again,



Thanks again — I still feel pretty awesome.



Dave; Felt much better by the time I got home.

Richard Unti


Hey Dave,

I wanted to let you know I got the ‘Cold Snap’ herbs last night and I am definitely feeling better. Between the homeopathy, herbs, vitamins and acupuncture and rest, I am feeling great and ready for my big interview tomorrow.

Thanks a million, you are the best 🙂

Peg Conway, JD, BSN, RN



I slept 10 hours last nite,mostly uninterrupted, ate and ready to go back to sleep again.

I think it quite possible treatments have saved, if not my life, then my long term quality of life…metallic feeling has much abated… Now to get on w/the business of moving forward and healing.  Still stunned at the mercy inherent in serendipitous meetings.

God bless you abundantly!!!



I’m sorry for being kind of difficult. I want you to know that you have helped me so much. It is really quite amazing. I mean its really like I am coming back to life!  I want you to know that I appreciate what you do for me and mum. very much!




wanted you to know, Peggy and I feel markedly better today…thanks to your magic!  Truly amazing!  Thank you!



Hi, Dave,

I just wanted you to know that I’m feeling good :)!

The back of my eyes don’t hurt and at dinner I realized that I wasn’t thirsty any more.  Also I feel more “clear”.

I made dinner, cleaned it up & completely did a load of wash (washed dried & folded). And I’m not exhausted, I didn’t have any coffee either.

Thanks again,



Wanted you to know I am doing well.  I keep rescheduling because I am feeling better and need the time for other things.

I am in for next week to ward off any symptoms.

Take care.


Hi Dave,

I’m completely fine!  Nothing came back in terms of symptomology!



Hey Dave,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I feel much better. You always seem to work your magic. I am so appreciative that you are doing your work in my neighborhood.

By the way, we got in the car and Kevin said “Man this guy is the real deal”. He said this was the first thing that has really helped his pain.

Have a good night.

Many thanks,
Chandra Nerbecki



I thought I should tell you how amazed I am with the treatment today! All week, I’ve been fighting this nasty bug. I felt pretty awful this morning with my cold; nearly stayed in bed until lunch time. And now, I feel 95% better – no joke. I can breathe perfectly fine, no coughing! Ready to go for a run… but I’ll be smart and hold off until tomorrow. 🙂

I love acupuncture.

Kristin Puls


Hi Dave:

I have eaten sweets(especially chocolate) everyday for many years  In the past few years, I have attempted unsuccessfully to stop or at least limit my intake   After my first visit to RCA in August I have not had any chocolate candy and have been able to control my eating of cake and pastry. Whenever I feel myself wanting to eat sweets I will make an appointment and come in for another treatment.  The sliding scale makes it easily affordable to have a treatment when you need it.  My co-workers, some of whom, I have worked with for many years have not been able to believe the change.  The center  provides a relaxing atmosphere and Dave is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  He reviews your medical history before developing a treatment plan.

I would not hesitate to recommend RCA  If I was rating it by stars it would be a five out of five.

Beth R – Roxborough


Hi Dave,

I hope you are well and off to a terrific morning.  You are totally amazing!!!  My shoulder feels fantastic from treatment yesterday- thanks a million.

You are the best and everyone should know about it:)

Nancy Connor

P.S. Good luck with your race at Battenkill!!!



Thanks!  I am sooo very pleased with the recovery of my shin injury after acupuncture treatment.  I am singing your praises.  I hope it brings you lots of new business.

See you in a month, Denise


Doing well. Feeling good. Although I said I would not run another marathon, I’m already thinking about the next one. Looking forward to Sunday. Hope you have a good holiday with your family.

Take care, Julia


Whatever you did yesterday worked! No pain today. Am driving to the Velodrome tomorrow and riding 40 miles (this is why I am a physical therapist’s worst nightmare) so will be a true test, but today a nice respite from pain. THANK YOU!

AND ANOTHER EMAIL THE NEXT DAY:   “36 glorious and pain free miles through gorgeous farm land follwing a relatively pain free ride up and minimal pain back. The pain on the way back is a huge improvement over not being able to drive to work without pain. A little stretching, some heat and I think it will be good. Huge progress.”



Hi Dave,

I hope you are well and off to a terrific morning.  You are totally amazing!!!  My shoulder feels fantastic from treatment yesterday- thanks a million.

You are the best and everyone should know about it:)

Nancy C

P.S. Good luck with your race at Battenkill!!!



Thanks!  I am sooo very pleased with the recovery of my shin injury after acupuncture treatment.  I am singing your praises.  I hope it brings you lots of new business.

See you in a month, Denise


Thanks for the treatment today. i am humbled that i feel better after two needles, and i had used a ton and didn’t feel any better!  i’ll have to listen very carefully to you.

have a great new years, and thanks for letting me work for you, and eat your tostitos.

Marlene (acupuncture student)


WOW Dave!!!

Did you call the Triple Warmer akabane (diagnosis) right.  I came home and checked them and they were all off!!  Right side was totally deficient across the board.  When I tonifed TW 5, my heart palpitations ceased  (which had been flaring up for a week) and the numbness that I had been experiencing in my right hand went away.

You are brilliant, Dave!!  You picked that up right from the pulses.  Thank you so much.  We are so blessed to have you as one of our instructors.  I hope one day I can be half as good as you are!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks again!!

P.S. More good news!!  In addition to last night getting the first good night’s sleep in a week w/ no heart palpitations, one other cure has happened.  One day in Oct. of 2007, I woke up w/ a really sore/stiff L. shoulder.  It has been plaguing me ever since.  This morning, the pain went from an 8 to a 2 on a pain scale.  All I can say is that I am humbled.  Thank you so much!!

pss.  To answer your question, no palpitations at all today.  None!


Janet Leidy  (from the Won Student clinic)


For years, I had trouble sleeping.  Doctors treated me with sleep medication, a sleep study and CPAP equipment, none of which was effective.  After Melissa treated me for the first time, I had such an incredible sleep that night I couldn’t believe it.  With Melissa’s treatments once a month, the great sleep has continued for well over a year.  My experience with acupuncture has been truly life altering. I highly recommend Melissa for your acupuncture treatments – she will take the time to listen to you, discuss the treatment, and put you totally at ease.  In short, she is awesome!!!
-GK   (edit – Melissa is no longer with us, but, all of our acupuncturists have experience in treating) insomnia.)


Acupuncture is Critical to Local Musician’s Recovery

Zubair Raymond-Latib is a local music and tennis instructor who turned to acupuncture when an injury threatened to derail his career. While studying music performance at West Chester University.  Zubair became regularly accustomed to practicing bass and guitar for 6-8 hours a day. Evenings found him performing in local cover bands and jazz ensembles. “Between the gym and my job and the excitement of being a college student, it was incredibly easy to over-exert myself,” Latib, now 28, says. “I wasn’t concerned about conditioning my body or gaining focus.”  This oversight led Zubair to develop a mild stinging pain in his left arm and wrist. “At the time, I just ignored it and figured it would go away on its own.”

But it wouldn’t go away, and after a year and a half of anguish, Zubair awoke one morning in sharp and unyielding pain. He was by now giving music and tennis lessons to almost 30 children and adults across the greater Philadelphia area, and his condition led him to the painful decision to scale back his work. “At that point, it hurt so badly that I could barely turn a doorknob, let alone play an instrument. I had to rely on other means to teach my students while I looked for a solution to my pain.”

A solution didn’t come easy. Zubair did not want to turn to surgery or daily pain medication, as was advised by many of the doctors he met. A call one day from his mother turned things around. “My mother is a strong advocate of homeopathic medicine, and she introduced me to Dave Schiman and Roxborough Community Acupuncture. I was curious, but also wary. However, Dave was so warm and friendly that it was very easy to trust him with my first treatment session.”

“That first day, Dave didn’t just focus on my arm. He focused on helping ME to focus!” Latib remembers. “He helped me learn to slow myself down, listen to my body, and realign myself both physically and mentally. He provided me with the conditioning I had ignored for so long.” As Zubair became a regular client of Dave’s, his pain began to wan.  “At the end of the first day, the pain was gone for hours, and pretty soon there would be weeks without pain. It was exciting to feel like I was re-taking control of my body. I was able to play an instrument again without wincing, and that was the best feeling in the world.”

With Dave helping him find his center during their regular appointments, Zubair was able to make a full recovery and soon resumed his teaching career. He also joined a nationally sponsored cover band and performed up and down the east coast playing electric bass. “The therapy I received from Dave has changed my life. I was able to play 150 shows last year with no problems whatsoever.” Zubair still returns to acupuncture to help keep his body and mind centered, and takes delight in an experience that he once thought he would never try. “I love Roxbourough Community Acupuncture,” he says, “because it doesn’t feel like a treatment center. It feels like a home.”

For more information on music or tennis instruction with Zubair,

If you have a testimonial you’d like to share, please email it to us at [email protected]  Thanks!