Licensed Pediatric & Family Acupuncturist
My mission is to empower humans through intentional living and connecting with nature. I use Acupuncture, a nature based medicine, to help individuals move from pain and feeling stuck, and return to a place of ease and flow and new possibilities.

Before my acupuncture training, I was working as an organic farmer. I had moved to California to escape the east coast winter and worked day in and out learning how to grow and tend the soil and the crops. I realized quickly that this was very hard physical labor and my body was asking me to pay attention. I started receiving acupuncture, which helped me remember how to truly relax and enjoy life. I learned how honor my body’s wisdom and ask it for healing. My lifestyle was good but I was always on the go. I began to practice incorporating the quiet restful gifts of winter. Winter is not only a season in each year to slow down and restore, but also a necessary time in each month, day, and even in each breath when I stay present.

Through my Five Element training, I learned the gifts of each element and season and how they connect to one another. Early on, one of my teachers said “you will tend your patients like a farmer tends her fields”. It all clicked for me! I help people learn how to tend and grow themselves. There is certainly challenge in this process. And I am grateful to have ever expanding wisdom of how to use my senses and artfully craft healing conversations and treatments, which guide people of all ages on their path of returning to their highest wellbeing.

Additionally, as a life cycle ritual consultant, I help people design nature-based meaningful rituals, based in a five element framework, to help them create intention through these poignant times.

Grown ups, babies, children and teens have all used my services to feel more ease in their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Health and well-being, like farming, require consistent tending and maintenance. That’s why we work together to create best practices for you to achieve and maintain wellness in your unique body and stage of life.

I value listening, clarity, connection, thoughtfulness and respect. My highest value is for you to take charge of your health. The acupuncture needles don’t give you anything you don’t already have. We simply guide you in the direction of whole health wellness. So, come as you are, and let’s create intentions for and steps towards your empowered living!